Why Should You Dissolve Your Investment Portfolio?

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Photo: Stuart Miles
Photo: Stuart Miles

Investors, especially the ones who have retired are often advised to invest in different assets, stocks and securities and build a diversified investment portfolio. Portfolio investment is all about investing in a wide variety of assets such as government bonds, stocks, treasury bills, corporate bonds, forex, mutual funds and more. However, as an investor you should always remain alert and look for signs when you investment portfolio isn’t fetching you enough money. Here, StoxMarket experts help you understand why you need to dissolve your investment portfolio.

When You Follow the Renowned Investors:

According to StoxMarket experts, you should dissolve your investment portfolio, if it contains all the stocks that have been suggested by the renowned stock investors or gurus. While, the stock gurus may be excellent at picking stocks and making money out of it, you may not be able to earn money out of the same set of stocks as stock gurus are much more patient and understand the dynamics and volatility within the market better than you. StoxMarket experts point out that there can be scenarios wherein you won’t get any money from your stocks for a continuous period of three or four years and this is where the entire game would change. During such times, you are required to exercise a great deal of patience, which many investors lack. Thus, if as an investor, you are not willing to hold or invest in a stock for too long then you should rather dissolve your investment portfolio and consider forex trading.

If You Crazy about Stock Shopping:

Investors should never pick stocks simply because they find it attractive. According to StoxMarket experts too many stocks in your portfolio then managing and keeping a track of all of them would get difficult and therefore is it advisable that you dissolve such an investment portfolio and invest in only a couple of stocks, depending upon the amount of risk you are willing to take. Excessive stocks in your portfolio would also require you to pay a higher brokerage fee and unless you have hired a 24×7 fund manager for managing your portfolio, having too many stocks in your investment portfolio is actually a very bad idea.

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